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St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rights Foundation

St. Francis of Assisi

Francesco Bernadone, born in Assisi, Italy in 1182, spent his youth in frivolous luxury. When he was twenty, he rode off to war as a chivalrous knight, was captured in Perugia and imprisoned for nearly a year. Francis became ill, was released and spent the next year recovering in Assisi. It was during this time in Assisi that Francis first heard the voice of the Lord.

Francis then began his sojourn to preach the Gospel, and to live in poverty and humility as the Lord instructed him to do. His followers, brothers and sisters as he called them, gave up all of their possessions, took nothing for their journey and followed the Lord. These were called the "Three Orders" of St. Francis.

He loved and revered animals and nature. While preaching in Gubbio, Francis learned of a wolf that was killing sheep. He befriended the wolf, Brother Wolf he called him, and he killed no more sheep. Brother Wolf won the hearts of all.

St. Francis has inspired the world with his beliefs and teachings for hundreds of years. His charity and humility are a trued reflection of the manifestation of God in him. He was then, and is now, a guiding light to us all.

St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rights Foundation

St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rights Foundation was formed in 1998 and is located in Chisholm, Minnesota. We believe animals, like people, have rights that are often ignored or violated. It is our mission to protect and defend the rights and welfare of creatures suffering from hunger, illness, neglect and especially those victimized and tortured in research laboratories across our country.

We seek to abolish the practice of conducting research and experimentation on live animals. From the ant to the elephant, animals are confined and tortured in the name of science. We have laws to protect animal cruelty, and we question why research laboratories are not subject to punishment. Medical research on live animals is clearly inhumane and cruel. An animal cannot always express pain or anguish, and thus, only suffers.

Modern medicine has diversified in the last fifty years, especially with the growth and popularity of alternative medicine. It is no longer necessary to suffer from many ailments. Inflicting pain on an animal, in search of a "new cure" is like prescribing a pill with a dangerous side effect.

It is our goal at St. Francis Animal Rights Foundation to provide free counseling, medical care and pet food to those in need. Many pet owners are homeless, living on government assistance, or have low incomes and cannot afford the care necessary to keep their pets healthy. Others may have injured pets that need immediate medical care. We hope, through your donations, to be able to provide these services for free.

We believe, as St. Francis did, that animals are our brothers and sisters. Animals have feelings and emotions, and should be treated with kindness and respect. At St. Francis Animal Rights Foundation, we volunteer our time and efforts. Please help us today with a donation to assist animals in need and receive a free vegetarian cookbook.

To donate please call (218) 966-2033 or write to St. Francis Animal Rights Foundation, PO Box 12, Chisholm, MN 55719.

***Call your elected officials today and tell them to stop exploiting gods beautiful creatures in research laboratories.***
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